Do you travel to my location?
On your special day we will bring the salon to you! This allows you to save time, money and allows you to relax on your wedding day or special event. We bring all the equipment, setup and materials. All local travel is included in our pricing. Parking fees are subject to additional invoicing. Special arrangements can be made for travel to the outer islands.

How do I go about booking Faith & Beauty?
Once you have decided that you would like to hire F&B as your personal on-site stylists, please proceed to fill out our new inquiries form. Once your form is received, we will prepare your styling agreement and invoice. In order to reserve your date, a signed styling agreement and a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required. Your deposit will go towards your remaining balance.

Once I submit my contract, can I make changes to it?
You can make changes if needed up to 30 days to your wedding date. One change that cannot be made after submission, unless cleared by F&B staff, is your general location. If you need to make any changes from the 30 day mark and on, a $10 fee will be charged per change. The approval of all changes made after submitting your initial contract will be based upon our availability. Please try your best to have all of your information accurate before completing our styling agreement.

Is a trial run really necessary?
A trial run doesn’t just offer you a piece of mind, it’s also a perfect opportunity to communicate your wants and needs with your stylist in a relaxed setting. This is the time to ask questions, address concerns and develop a style and overall look for your wedding day or event. If time is a factor, a trial run is not always necessary. If this is the case, all we ask is that you gather inspiration pictures closest to the style you would like to achieve and we can go from there.

What happens at a trial run?
A trial run will offer our clients a peace of mind being that you are able to get a preview of exactly what you will look like before the big day. In order to utilize our time with you wisely, we ask that have inspiration photos sample photos to give us an idea of your style. Having your veil and hair accessories is recommended but not required. Please allow up to 2 hours for hair and makeup to be completed.  

Can I combine my Engagement and Trial run into one session?
It is not recommended, unless you wish to have the same wedding look in your engagement photos. We offer separate photo session hair and makeup services for engagement photo needs. We understand that some brides are busy and/or do not live on island. If it is in our client’s best interest to combine both services, we will make special arrangements to make sure we can accommodate your needs and allow extra time for both services to be completed. In addition to the trial fee, an additional $65/hr will be charged after initial trial run is completed and however long it takes to transition into your engagement look.

What type of cosmetic products do you use?
We believe in using the best products the beauty industry has to offer. We are constantly trying to latest products and only the best of them make it into our artist kits. Some of our current favorite brands youʼll see us using are: Shu Uemura, Laura Merier, MAC, Stilla, LORAC and Urban Decay.

What is airbrush makeup all about?
Airbrush makeup has been the latest craze in the professional beauty industry. Since the media world has been converted to mostly digital media and Hi-definition, the makeup industry began evolving to create products to counterbalance the effects of HD. HD media tends to exposes and emphasize every fine detail which is why our team only uses airbrush makeup. We believe that It is hands down the best solution to perfect looking skin, using the least amount of product. The airbrush products we use provide a flawless coverage with a natural “real skin” finish thatʼs lightweight, breathable, and oil-free for those with concerns about oily, acne prone or sensitive skin. We do offer traditional foundation application upon request only.

Will my makeup last?
Weddings are our speciality and we know what to expect to provide the longest wear for your hair and makeup. We use all of the necessary long wearing and waterproof products so that your makeup and hair should hold up throughout your big day. We also provide a mini touch up kit for each bride to keep your look fresh and flawless from beginning to end. One thing you might consider is, purchasing your lipstick if you would like to own the exact color that we use on your wedding day. However, I do provide a neutral shade of gloss in your touch up kit.

How many people can you service per wedding?
Faith & Beauty is well equipped with tools and artists to take on any wedding or event party that comes our way. We have done many large wedding parties up to 15+ people.

How long does hair/makeup take?
Each party size is different. Our first question to determine your timeline would be: How many people getting serviced and what time do you need to be done with hair and makeup? From there we can determine how many artist to bring to your event in order to get you and your party done in a timely manner. Allow 30-45 minutes per service. We will gladly create a detailed time line for you!

What can I do to make sure everything runs smoothly?
First off, we donʼt expect you to be wedding geniuses so we thought of everything possible to make sure that our time with you is fool-proof! With that being said, I provide a detailed timeline via email with a short note of dos and donʼts for you and your bridal party. By following these simple instructions everything should go smoothly. Our main goal does not stop at making you and your party look and feel beautiful, itʼs also to make sure we start your wedding day experience off on a stress-free, relaxing note.